The company offers a wide variety of doors of all types to match perfectly to each individual requirement and architecture, offering a multitude of possibilities for the attractive design of the interior and exterior of the building where they are installed.

Interior Doors

The company offers a wide variety DIMMETAL doors interior quality and safety with modern design and perfect finish to meet any design requirement and also to blend pleasantly in the space where installed. Available in a variety of designs and sizes depending on the typology is to choose colors from a variety of colors lacquer or wood, in various grades of paint.

Security Doors

The main entrance doors aluminum, stand out for their aesthetic design, the advanced technology and are built with the most modern production methods. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns with important safety features such as burglar, fire and bulletproof performance.

Fires & Stores

The company manufactures and installs fire doors in principle to provide customers with security in the event and spread of fire inside the building where it is located and is also such that they offer an elegant style at the outer profile.