The aluminum pergolas - inox and steel structures are innovative high quality and durability, the main purpose of shading and protecting gardens and outdoor areas generally where they are installed.

Unlike traditional wooden pergolas, strength aluminum - inox steel and weather conditions you waive any maintenance procedures when applied over the surface treatment in painting them.

It is built on a proper study and subject to strict quality standards followed in the processing of raw materials, then the configuration and end in the paint, which follows all the requirements of the Certificate Qualicoat.

The aluminum cover - inox and iron is a specialized solution commonly used to protect entrances residences and business premises from sunlight, rain and hail, giving a sense of modern and classic styles, depending on the style of the rest of the building.

The shelters are quick and practical constructions that offer functional solutions, focusing on design and manufacturing advantages. Available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors, highlighting a whole style of the building where applicable.