Closed Circuit TV

The development and design of a system with CCTV security cameras in an installation requires careful analysis and planning.

First you need to analyze and study the facility that is required before the installation of a CCTV system because that will reveal any safety problems in a methodical manner and not as a result of random fact.

The success, however, is not limited to the development of a good security plan based on a CCTV system but also at the appropriate equipment to support this security plan. The Dimmetal Aluminium Desing company and her colleagues are trying to highlight to whom it may consern that the maximum protection can not be achieved without proper study of design and equipment.

Success then is to be extremely difficult if not impossible for a malicious person to compromise the security of the site without registering. The design of our office especially on that last matter is particularly detailed.


Security Systems


image_75Today, the threat to property and maybe your life by thugs is stronger than ever.

Everyday you hear and see property loss, and feel fear and terror that it might happen to you too, as unlikely as it sounds. Let's prevent evil today than to fix tomorrow with money, time, effort and worry by replacing all that was lost. You can do more than you might have done so far.

The Dimmetal Aluminium Desing company and our partners are here to offer suggestions and solutions to security issues. With the real costs, we offer you supply and installation services of security systems and high technology, offering confidence and feel high requirements. We specialize in electronics applications, we study and implement the interface between them in accordance with customer's and his space's requirements.

All products are certified and tested.

We refuse generalizations and study thoroughly and in depth the needs of each client, providing the best solutions in each case. The way we work is inextricably linked to interpersonal contact with human and friendly relationship with all our customers.

We are near to each client and provide after sales support.